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Understanding Epstein

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The MSM tried to connect Trump to Epstein after his most recent arrest, but it didn't stick. What you probably didn't know, something you won't see reported on the evening news;

Fusion GPS tried and failed before the election.

Even MSM had to admit it.

So what else is the media not telling you about? Well for one, are his Hollywood connections. They are completely under reporting on his ties to your favorite celebrities.

There are several ways to access to his flight logs and get an idea of how big of a deal this really is.

Also here.

We should be aware that Donald Trump did hitch a ride on Epstein's jet from Florida to New Jersey for a charity event in 1997, but the facts have yet to connect the two other than billionaire acquaintances. More importantly the lack of evidence to show anything more than that. Unlike Clinton who had over 20 logs on the flight records.

And even more curious, why does the mainstream media continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence of the connection with Clinton?


Yet, even knowing all these things, when googling Epstein's name; the first thing that appears is a picture of Trump with Epstein. All pictures of celebs and Clinton with Epstein have been all but wiped.

And now with the death of Epstein, things are even more obscured and open to hear say than before... or are they? Not according to youtube truth seeker serial brain, and avid follower of the #qanon movement.

It's also worth mentioning that 4chan had word of Epstein's "death" long before any MSM found out.

Pictures have been circulating online of postmortem Epstein that do raise speculation as well as the obvious circumstances.

Are these differences in features caused by injury or postmortem bloating? Is Epstein in some kind of witness protection? Was he yet another victim of the Clinton death machine? That's up to you to decide. One thing we can all hope for is more awareness to what's going on behind the scenes with the elites in politics and Hollywood alike.

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