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The push for P at the end of LGBTQ

It seemed like just yesterday the main stream narrative and corporate machine was pushing the LGBT movement into the comfort of our living rooms calling it "pride". Yet here we are approaching fall with still more attempts at the sexualization of children coming out of pride parades and the liberal left.

This photo was taken last week at a pride parade in Montreal.

And while we have yet to see any outrage from the mainstream media on any of the thousands of pictures floating around on the internet like this or worse, the cry to stop the sexualization of children on social media grows louder and louder.

And this week in Australia we are seeing a push from the left to normalize and promote transgenderism in children in the book "beyond magenta" being read in the children's section at the local libraries.

Meanwhile here in the good old US of A, look no further than your streaming Netflix service to see the push.

As we at youfigureitout.org continue to update you on this topic, we will expose a much darker agenda behind this movement.

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